Danii Shen

Photos of me during my travels.
Photos of me during my travels. Photos of me during my travels. Photos of me during my travels. Photos of me during my travels.

Hi I'm Danii

<🌎> I am a web developer, an aspiring world traveler, an artist, and a CPA. </🌎>

<👩‍💻> I believe there are infinite opportunities for learning and growth. I strive daily to leave a little less of the world unexplored. I combine my strong background in business, cross-team collaboration, client relations and project management with a passion to create and an endless curiosity about technology. </👩‍💻>

<🍷> Out in the wild, I enjoy petting strangers' dogs and sipping a nice glass of zinfandel. </🍷>

Photo of San Francisco cliff-side.

My recent projects

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If you're a mildly basic torontonian who enjoys pourovers with oat milk or frequents dive bars on queen west, you're likely also looking for some last-minute brunch inspo when you forget to call 2 weeks in advance to book a reservation at that other place. Built in React, powered by Zomato API, and data stored on Firebase. brunchTO allows users to search for brunch restaurants by name or by highest rated/lowest cost. Users can save places to checkout later in their brunch bucket list.

React | API | Firebase

ABC Consulting Inc.

A freelance web application project for ABC Consulting Inc. Built using JavaScript, jQuery and Responsive Design. Name and website content changed for client confidentiality.

JavaScript | jQuery | Sass

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Team effort with Jenelle Law. A dashboard curated with local news, weather, time, and photo, based on specified location search that keeps users updated on any city in the world. Built using jQuery and JavaScript. Powered by 6 APIs: GeoBytes, Accuweather, NYTimes, TimezoneDb, OpenWeather and Pixabay.

jQuery | JavaScript | API | Sass


A mock agency group project with Nicholas Chug, Natalia Andreola, and Aushvin Vasanth. bingeFest was created to help two roommates who wanted to spend a night-in decide on what tv show to binge and where to grab takeout. Built in React, powered by Zomato API and tvMaze API, and data stored in firebase. React Router used for multi-page experience to allow users to browse and save shows and restaurants and randomly generate a show/food combination to binge for the night.

React | API | Firebase | Sass

virtual cootie catcher

A quick and painless decision maker for helping you (the 90's preteen way) to resolve the mysteries and musings of life - or if your partner can't decide on where to eat for dinner. Built in jQuery, JavaScript and SCSS.

jQuery | JavaScript | Sass

under the sea

A fully responsive PSD conversion assignment from HackerYou. Built using Flexbox, SASS and Responsive Design.

jQuery | JavaScript | Sass

My skills

  • JavaScript

  • React

  • jQuery

  • HTML5

  • CSS3

  • Sass

  • Git

  • GitHub

  • Terminal

  • Firebase

  • VS Code

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Responsive Design

  • Web Accessibility

  • RESTful API

  • Microsoft Excel

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